April 26-28, 2011  |  Crown Center  |  Kansas City, Missouri

Join the worldwide effort to protect the global food supply

The food and agricultural sectors of all nations are vulnerable to terrorism incidents or threats. With worldwide cooperation, collaboration, and information-sharing among representatives from governments, the private sector, and academia, the potential for agroterrorism can be reduced.

The main mission of the International Symposium on Agroterrorism (ISA) is to protect the food supply worldwide while illustrating the importance of a coordinated effort.

More than 1,000 individuals from 25 different countries have attended past ISAs, participating in break-out educational sessions and case studies, hearing world-renowned experts discuss agroterrorism, and interacting with each other.

Coming together under one roof is the first step toward working together to solve the problem.

Future ISA events: 
Dates TBA
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  • Agroterrorism subject matter experts
  • Policymakers/elected officials
  • International terrorism experts
  • Transportation/transit personnel
  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Intelligence specialists
  • Corporate security officers/directors
  • Import/export firms
  • Livestock and crop associations
  • Food security system personnel
  • Veterinarians
  • Epidemiologists
  • Physicans/Nurses
  • University researchers
  • Scientists and academicians
  • Zoonotic specialists
  • Horticulturalists
  • Physical security
  • Biosecurity
  • Intelligence and information sharing
  • Economic and trade concerns
  • Transportation
  • Research and development
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Emergency procedures
  • Future methodologies and techniques related to food defense

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